Parents FAQ

Where is the conference taking place?

This year the MMYC Conference will be taking place at the DoubleTree Hilton in Dearborn/Detroit. This venue provides a safe environment for all participants. The hotel provides many large halls for lectures, prayers, and multiple activities throughout the weekend.

How many students will be attending the conference?
We usually have about 240 attendees, 120 boys and 120 girls. Although the program is for both genders, there is always a respect of Islamic values throughout the weekend.
Will there be chaperones during the conference?
Yes, each group of 3-4 children will have one adult counselor above the age of 20 with them at all times. This counselor will be responsible for the attendees throughout the weekend to ensure they are safe. Additionally, there will also be 4 head counselors and 4 advisors that will oversee all attendees and counselors for the conference and also ensure emergency matters are taken care of appropriately.
What are the sleeping arrangements?
Participants will go up to their hotel rooms with their counselors as we will be staying at the same hotel on Friday and Saturday nights. They will be sleeping in the room with their groups (this includes the 4 attendees and 1 counselor). Boys and Girls will be on separate floors of the hotel, and head counselors will monitor the hallways in order to ensure the safety of all participants.
Do I need to pack food for my children?
All meals will be provided throughout the weekend; however, if you would like to send some snacks with your child, you may do so. Participants enjoy enjoying snacks and talking with friends at night when they are in their hotel rooms. Groups usually order pizza at night when they get to their hotel rooms, so you may choose to send some money with them. This is entirely optional and not required.
What will my child be doing during the conference?
This conference is an opportunity for the Muslim youth to come together from different communities in order to build a relationship with Allah swt and make new friends. They will be attending fun talks about various topics, engaging in group activities, attending entertainment sessions, and spending some time reflecting on what they have learned and ways to implement positive changes in their daily lives.
Can my child stay with his/her sibling and/or friend?
Unfortunately, we do not allow siblings and friends to stay in the same hotel room. One of the goals of the conference is to make new friends and build new relationships. We do our best to ensure participants are in groups with members in the same grade with similar interests. Participants are allowed to sit with their siblings and/or friends during lectures or during meal times. The only time they will be required to be with their group members is when they are in their hotel room or doing group based activities.