About MMYC

MMYC was founded in 1999 as a nonprofit umbrella organization for Muslim Youth in the Midwest. The MMYC Conference welcomes youth from across Michigan and neighboring states, ages 13-19, where they absorb the knowledge of highly learned scholars. Attendees are grouped with other attendees from different communities under the supervision of an experienced counselor. Along with engaging in very stimulating discussions with other youth in the form of breakout sessions, outdoor activities, and by sharing meals, participants are also exposed to a wealth of Islamic knowledge though invigorating lectures. MMYC hopes to increase brotherhood and sisterhood across communities, expand attendees’ knowledge about Islam in the American context, and motivate them to spark positive change in their communities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to please Allah (SWT) by serving the Muslim Ummah and helping to strengthen faith. Our goal is to create a unified environment for Muslims all across Midwest America where youth can come together and establish lifelong friendships with each other and Allah (SWT).