Executive Board

President – Areeb Khan

“Assalamualikum, My name is Areeb Khan. I am a senior at Rochester Adams High School. I have served as the previous treasurer, and currently as the president of this year’s conference. I joined the board because I believe this retreat reconnects our faith with Allah, as well as strengthens our bonds with other Muslim brothers and sisters. I hope my efforts and dedication allows this year’s conference to run as smooth as possible inshAllah!”

Vice President – Salma Abdelhamid

“Assalamualaikum, my name is Salma and the reason I decided to join MMYC this year is to give back. I feel like my community has always cared for my generation, and by being part of the “behind the scenes” of MMYC and seeing the time, effort and love that goes into making events for our youth is a way for me to repay those who have been so generous in genuinely having the intention to fill our youth with the teachings of Islam.”

Secretary – Abdulrahman Ateya

“Assalamualaikum. I am Abdulrahman Ateya, and I decided to join the MMYC Board this year in order to get the opportunity to help not only people in my own community, Canton, but to get the opportunity to help young Muslims from all over Southeast Michigan. MMYC provided the perfect opportunity for this, and Inshallah the rest of the board and I can make this the best MMYC conference ever.”

Treasurer- Assita Doumbia

“My decision to join to join MMYC came about last when a friend shot me the link to becoming a chair holder. As someone who takes every beneficial opportunity which comes my way, I thought why not. This seemed like such a great opportunity to help my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters to have a great experience at the conference, just like I have in the past.”


Reem Killawi – Site

Serene Edlibi – Publicity

Zarin Farook – Food

Deanne Elder – Transportation 

Sohaib Khan – Site

 Naheel Ahmed – Publicity

Haadi Fayyaz – Food

Malik Jamal – Entertainment

Moonis Imran – Webmaster

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